June 24, 2012 - VitoMd and the Evil Machine

Beat procrastination with Kaizen

The greater the task, the greater the resistence to do it. One way to avoid this is making it in small steps, as small as possible. Do you want to exercise each day for 1hr? Just thinking about it creates resistence, so make a small step, aim to just 1 minute of exercice per day. Maybe while watching TV, or  you can just walk in front of it.

This is Kaizen, a method that you can apply in almost anything. I highly recommend this book  "One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way"

My daily routine consist in 5 minute tasks:

-5m blog writing : Maybe a paragraph.
-5m learning: Some new function
-5m for one of my personal projects: Write some code lines, or fixing a little bug
-5m studying: I like studying with cards, so in 5m  I can make 1 card and reread 3 cards
-5m reading a book: 4 pages

In just 30m per day you can advance in 5 different aspects of your life. It could look small but in a month this means:

-2 o 3 new blog post
-10 new functions
-100 new lines of code and some bugs killed
-30 new study cards  and 30 rereaded
-100 pages readed

And the most interesting thing about kaizen is that thinking about doing the task for only 5 minutes let's you pass the initial resistance (even thought you might end up spending much more time on it) and enjoy doing something that you might think is dull.

So if you are interested check the book One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way

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