February 09, 2017 - VitoMd and the Evil Machine

gDriveSync.js: Javascript wrapper library for Google Drive API v3

I was working on a personal project to organize my ideas, tasks and information. It was called Note Manager. It used Tinymce as the text editor, Jquery to perform dom and event handling, Node.js as backend and a simple file to persist the information. It worked pretty welI, but I stopped working on it because I wanted to deploy it to Heroku but it doesn’t persist files, so I changed the approach. I decided to use a more lightweight approach and build the app using javascript, Tinymce and Google Drive for persistence.

You can still check the old code with Node and file persistent here: Note Manager

I tried to sync the webapp with Google Drive using the Google Drive API for js v3 but it was frustrating because some methods didn’t work as expected. So after a lot of headaches I decided to build a wrapper around the API, and that´s how gDriveSync.js was born.

I used it successfully in the successor of Note Manager webapp, it´s called Sorter and you can check the code and how it uses the gDriveSync.js library.

I shared the library on twitter and somehow it showed up in Javascript Weekly, then it had some retweets and multiple stars on Github.

A lot of people found it useful because it helped them to build Javascript apps that sync with google drive, so you don’t have to build a backend system to store data. Also you can use different google accounts to login and sync the data. You can load, save, list files and folders

The Readme has everything you need to start using the library and also I added examples so you know exactly how to use it. So check it, and let me know if it’s useful, if you want some features, or if there is some bug. gDriveSync.js

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