VitoMd and the Evil Machine

My projects

This is a list of my projects. You can find open source projects, websites and libraries.


Open source:

Build with: Javascript, Google Drive API

Description: Javascript wrapper library for Google Drive API v3. This is my most popular github project. It contains a simple file explorer demo to list, open and save google drive files.



Open source:

Build with: Javascript, Vue.js, chess.js, chessground library

Description: Chessboard vue component to load positions, create positions and see threats

Here you have a simple example showing the starting position, try moving the pieces. Check other vue chessboard examples

Chess Guardian

Open source and Website:

Build with: Javascript, Vue.js, Buefy, API, vue-chessboard component

Description: Answer Chess positional questions from your own games. Made in Vue.js. It uses my vue-chessboard component


Riot.js starter kit

Open source:

Build with: Javascript, Riot.js

Description: Small starter kit to help speedup the development of a new Riot.js project. Probably a bit outdated

Some other fun projects related to Riot.js: Tutorial for TDD with mocha+chai and Riot.js and a comment box implemented in Riot.js and React.js , based on react.js tutorial, to somehow compare them.

Hacker News filter gist

Open source:

Build with: Javascript

Description: Copy the gist code to the console in Hacker News and it will show a Search filter that you can use to filter the comments. Useful for the who's hiring threads


Open source:

Build with: Javascript and my gDriveSync.js library

Description: Sorter is a webapp to organize ideas, tasks and information using bullet points and hashtags.


A random quote


Build with: Javascript, Jekyll

Description: Great books summarized in 5 quotes (or less) so you can get the main idea fast. You can check a big list of stoic quotes, play the guess the quote's author or see quote's images.


Other projects


Build with: Rails, Vue.js, Prosemirror, Riot.js

Description: I have some other projects like a chess tactic trainer. a tool to analyze text complexity and common errors to help writers,a StoryLeaves game implementation in spanish and many others.